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Surf city, U.S.A.
August 23, 2010, 7:00 am
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Today I took a trip down to the OC to visit Sarah’s bestie Amy. Amy’s father is the owner of Surf City Garage, a restoration shop. They also make their own line of car detailing goodies. Amy’s fathers story is quite amazing. There happened to be a car show at his shop today, so we stopped by. Peep the pics.

Thats only a small portion of his collection. Some rad old harleys and indians that I somehow didnt get pics of. Heres some shots from the car show. This stuff doesnt belong to Tim and the surf city garage.

A corvette that only steve rosen can appreciate as much as the owner.

This was my favorite car at the show. Add chevy vega wagon to my car wishlist.

Oh wow thats a giant chrome tank….

Oh no, its a giant chrome skull.

Oh sick, underhood airbrushing.

Shaw would approve.


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i had a huge boner for this yellow with woodgrain vega wagon back in high school. my dad, being a mopar man, told me he’d never allow a vega on his property.. so i got the bmw 2002s instead. still want a vega, though.

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