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The Vega Comes Home
September 9, 2010, 5:49 am
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After the car show from my last post, I was on the hunt for a vega wagon. The hunt brought me to Seattle, Washington this past weekend. Here’s some documentation of the trip and the car.

The car. 1973 Chevy Vega wagon with a 350 V8.

Goofy’s wild creations is apparently responsible for this fine piece of machinery.

Joel and Roseanna were nice enough to give us a place to stay Saturday night. They have the raddest place, including Roseanna’s little print shop in the shed in the back yard.

After smashing some dogs at Joel and Roseanna’s, some of the fleet took us to gasworks park to get a beautiful view of the city. You may recognize this from one of my favorite movies, “Ten things I Hate About You.”

Purty Sunsets.


Words can’t explain the radness of this dude.

Back to the house for bonfire times. This is Phil. I would not have my sweet vega if it weren’t for him. I dont think I could ever show him how grateful I am for all his help. One great dude.

We hit the sunday after breakfast. Taking the 5 through Washington and Oregon was suprisingly wonderful. Perfect driving weather and decent scenery for a major highway.

I let Sarah feel the power for a bit. This is the only photo of her she would let me post.

Just in case, but not needed. The vega made the trip with only a blown fuse and a blown headlight. What a champ.

Another purty sunset. This time somewhere in oregon.

Bored in the passenger seat.

Horror movie nights.

Warp speed vega.

The only real highlight of the drive sunday was this little stop in Maxwell California. Otherwise central california was a miserably hot hell hole. We still had a blast sweating out asses off all the way home though. My amazing lady took this pic as well as a bunch of others that make me look way more awesome than I am over at her blog. Sarah Roach Photography

The vega is home and safe with me now, and I am an ecstatic little boy. I’m gonna cherish this little lady for a long time. I’ll keep you guys updated on the changes she goes through.


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